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Finance & Compliance Lead

‍At Punk Money, you get to do work that really matters. We believe that everyone needs to borrow money from time to time, but what we don’t need to do is overpay for debt. Inflation is rampant and the cost of living is increasing, and the cost of borrowing from traditional sources is becoming even more unaffordable.

Our platform unlocks the potential of the £1.3 Trillion kept in low-interest savings accounts to be used as fair and affordable loans between friends and family groups. Harnessing community and intergenerational wealth to help people and families when they need it most. 

We’re looking for a Finance Lead to take our finance function to the next level. You’ll be setting up many processes for the first time as well as working as part of our frontline team to deliver day-to-day operations. You’ll be joining a company that’s having a huge impact on people’s lives. It's a place where you can be yourself, learn from your teammates, and do work that’s truly fulfilling.

Job Description:

As finance lead, your role will be to take the reigns of a fast moving startup and manage the financial performance of the company. 

You will play a key role in deciding the strategic direction of the business and assess and evolve the financial model to reflect the changing business environment as new product features emerge. As the business grows, you will align with multiple teams and business units and, in partnership with the leadership team, ensure these teams deliver the results you forecasted. 

As the leader of the financial department, you should implement a clear suite of financial OKRs and define and implement sound business processes for you and your team and champion best practices throughout the organisation. You will be responsible for managing the employee payroll and payment of suppliers and partners in a timely and effective manner.

Your role includes acting as the key point of contact with the FCA and is responsible for direct regulatory applications. You will ensure regulatory compliance at all times and develop and maintain a healthy working relationship with the FCA. You will work closely with the CEO during periods of fundraising, working with the business to gather and present commercial data that will be required from VCs as new raises approach. ‍


  • Experience running the finance function for a scale-up company, that has grown in size and complexity
  • Strong leadership skills; management experience; strategic thinker; thorough understanding of business principles and practices.
  • Great communication skills being open and honest, adaptable to your audience be it the leadership team, your team or across the wider business.
  • You have worked / managed multiple teams and developed cross functional relationships.
  • You are familiar with how to manage sales incentives and create exciting compensation strategies for multiple departments.
  • Experience in fundraising both debt and equity, managing cashflows and capital requirements.Utilising tools and software that will reduce errors, enable scale and automation.
  • Excellent analytical skills; strong technically, particularly with excel/systemsFinTech or Financial Services industry experience is a bonus.
  • Scrappy can do attitude and willingness to get stuck in. 

Our Values: 

We are a values driven company and we live by our words, if these values don’t do it for you then we might not be a good fit for each other. 

Make it Happen: Punk’s always been a DIY culture and we’re all about getting things done. We are the kind of people who roll up their sleeves and get stuck in and we can  make amazing things happen.

Help People: Nothing beats the feeling of being able to help someone out, and we want to enable people to do that financially. 

Build Trust: Our goal is to operate the best consumer finance platform on the planet. One where the trustworthiness of the platform and the people on it make it more secure, more transparent and more ethical. 

Be Fearless: We’re fighting back against the status quo. We’re brave enough to imagine a new financial system, fairer, more affordable, easier to use. It’s not easy, but we’re brave enough to do it. 

Be Excellent to Each Other: This means ‘do the right thing’  for everyone involved. We are building a  community where people help support each other and we want to lead from the front. 

Be a Champion, Not a Challenger: We’re here to make a difference to people's lives, not to challenge other companies. We’re a champion of the people, we are the underdog, we are Rocky! 

Employment Terms: 

  • Salary £40 - £80k depending on experience 
  • A tasty chunk of delicious equity 
  • All the latest Tech 
  • Flexible Working

To apply please send a C.V, a cover letter and a link to  your LinkedIn profile to hello@punk.money

No Recruiters Please. 

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