Build your credit score. Without barriers.

For the first time ever, build your credit score with friends and family. No fees and  no credit checks.  .

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App letting you lend and borrow money with friends and family.
A man happy he can build credit for free.

A new way to build your credit score

Building your credit score is essential to secure your future. Giving you the freedom to borrow affordably and secure a mortgage. We help you build up your credit history with your friends & family so you can take your first steps onto the credit ladder.

Build credit on your terms.

Borrow money from your friends & family from 0%. Make your repayments and watch your credit score grow. This is the most flexible way to start boosting your credit score. No banks. No third parties. Just the people you trust.

A friend laughing that there's no more awkward conversations.

No fees. No barriers.

No one likes awkward money conversations. Punk Money puts an end to these. Set up the loan and the automated repayments will handle the rest.

How does it work

4 easy steps to affordable finance

Create loans in seconds

Decide how much you need to borrow and how long it will take you to repay.

Send it to a friend or family

Add in the details to create a loan agreement & send it to someone in your contacts.

Review & agree the terms

Open the loan agreement & review the terms. Once everyone is happy accept the loan.

We'll handle the rest

We'll handle the rest. Just watch your repayments to friends & family build your credit score.

Common Questions

We've got you covered

Is it free to use?

Absolutely! Punk Money is completely free to use for borrowers and lenders.

Is Punk Money safe?

We never touch your money. We just facilitate the contract between the lender and the borrower.

Is there a minimum you can borrow?

Whether you want to borrow £20 for a cash top up or £10,000 for something more substantial, Punk Money has got your back.

Check out our full FAQs for more information

Remove the hassle from friends & family loans.

Automated Repayments

Make repayments without the awkward conversation. Putting an end to awkward convos.

Loan Contract

The easiest way to create a loan contract to add a layer of security to your friendly loans.

Build Credit

Removing the barriers to building your credit score. Helping everyone get on the credit ladder.

Easily add interest

Ditch the calculator. Add interest to friendly loans in one click.

Manage all in one app

Put the spreadsheet away. See the upcoming payments in one easy view.

Get started in minutes

No long applications to get started, Just enter a few details and confirm your ID.

Unsure where to start. Pick up some tips from our blog.

Start lending and borrowing money like never before.

Join the 8k+ people who have already signed up.

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