We're cutting cost of
borrowing for millions

with hassle free and affordable loans from Friends and Family

Punk Money is a completely new type of lending platform

Newsflash! We've been managing our money wrong for millennia! We put our money in banks, they lend it to people and they keep all the profit!

At Punk Money we help you cut out the banks and put the power back in your pocket by giving you the power to lend and borrow with people you know.

Earning money by lending, and saving money while borrowing.

Lend and Borrow Money on your terms

We don't set the terms, you do. You choose whether to lend or borrow, and, you choose the rates. 0% for mates if you prefer, but you can also add a little interest to sweeten the deal.

Punk Money will then create the contract and enable automatic repayments, just like you'd get with a traditional bank. We'll even help build your credit score like a bank too.

What does it cost?

Fair and Affordable
of cost of the loan plus 50p per month +Vat
Get Started
Great value loans, with people you know, that build your credit score
Loan arrangement fee
1% of loan value
Monthly Account fee
£1 per month
Number of Loans
Defined by you
Loan term
Defined by you
Lender Interest
Defined by you - From 0% to 10%

Everyone needs to borrow money, but we don’t need to overpay for debt

Our platform unlocks the potential of more than £1 Trillion kept in low interest savings accounts to be used as fair and affordable loans between friends and family groups. Harnessing community and intergenerational wealth to help people and families when they need it most. 

Ewan Dickie - Founder & CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use Punk Money

Borrowing or lending money between people you know isn’t easy. You have to agree on the terms, keep up with the payments and rely on the trust you have. We take the hassle out of the loans, giving you your time back and keeping things more secure. Here are some of the reasons you should use us:-It takes the hassle out of lending to people you know -We handle all the paperwork, creating you a legally binding contract-Skip the long applications (no credit checks) -Improves your credit score

Is my capital at risk?

When lending your money to friends or family, there is always the risk you could not be paid back. It is up to you to make a decision over whether the person repaying will be trustworthy and will be able to afford the loan in the longer term. Lending on Punk Money keeps things as secure as possible with a legally binding contract that could help you recoup any losses.

What does Punk Money do?

Punk Money creates the contracts between the individuals in the loans. We calculate and automate the repayments so that you don't need to worry about reminding the other party to pay and we report on successful repayments to the credit bureaus which will help build your credit score.

What if things go wrong?

Lending money to people can always be a concern and ultimately is it up to you to decide whether the person you are lending to is trustworthy enough to pay you back. If they are then we make everything beyond that point as hassle free as possible so that you can forget about the money and focus on enjoying your friendship. If things do go wrong then you can use the contracts and the information provided by this service to seek legal action against the person involved.